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Teaching Effectiveness

I strive to create a learning environment that is conducive, enjoyable and non-threatening. In my academic career at Monash and QUT, learning experience survey scores have always maintained ‘above average’ or ‘outstanding’.

Below are some feedback extracted from Learning Experience Surveys and student emails. It is highlighted that the intention herein is not to produce a comprehensive record of feedback; instead to provide some sample student citations across a range of key teaching competencies.

“This lecturer has been the first lecturer to understand the importance in education, about actually learning the material, and it not being about memorizing all the dot points on a slide. He encouraged and pushed us to actually understand the material and how to apply it in the real world, rather than just limiting it to rote learning the material and solely reading off lecture slides.” [Teaching Excellence comment, Monash University]

“Awesome lecturer!! very responsible to everyone and nice.” [Teaching Excellence comment, Monash University]

“Dr. Sedera is the IRON MAN of Enterprise Systems…best lecturer that I had at QUT” [PULSE comment]

“Sincerely, this is the best unit I had completed here in Australia. The lectures were
very well structured, logical, in their successions
Elodie [Elodie.Saint_maxent@int-evry.fr]

“Darshana’s teaching in this unit was simply fantastic and the sessions were equally engrossing and information rich. My experience of this unit could be best described as one of the most fruitful and truly enthralling one. The ability of the professor to capture the audience’s attention with frequent real life examples relating to the concepts was what I found extremely useful. Darshana also encourages students to come forward with questions and is very approachable and friendly. Overall, it was simply a great and memorable experience to have studied this unit under Darshana Sedera Ganesh [ganesh.qut@gmail.com]

Darshana is a great lecturer. He knows what he is talking about and adds a few jokes every now and then to lighten the mood” [LEX comments]…Excellent lecturer, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, dynamic style, well prepared, good material, focused on learning outcomes” [LEX comments]…Gets information across to audience members, speaks very well and adds bits of humour which make lectures thoroughly enjoyable [LEX comments]

You teach it well and did put in a lot of effort to make the course productive and enjoyable.  I have truly enjoyed it and suspect your teaching style has contributed to that. We appreciate your efforts” Ellen [ep2@iinet.net.au]

“During this semester, I have found Darshana to be an excellent lecturer. He has clearly and logically explained concepts, and illustrated these with real-world examples that we can understand” Chris [c9.russell@student.qut.edu.au]

“…you created an active learning experience. For that I think it is appropriate you should not only receive some form of recognition but have the opportunity to share this direction with some of your fellow staff” Geoffrey [gnufer@bigpond.net.au]

Your presentation skill is attractive” Nat [n.chumchujan@student.qut.edu.au]

“Lectures were not only educational but also fun.  Darshana has a wonderful ability to assimilate with students and present information in a relevant, entertaining and humorous manner Jane [je.carpenter@student.qut.edu.au]

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