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I am an internationally recognized leader in the field of innovation, enterprise social media, outsourcing and enterprise systems, as evidenced by publications in top ABDC ranked forums, by the number of citations for my work, by major competitive grants that I attracted and by my leadership in large scale strategic initiatives and also through invitations to chair prestigious events and give keynotes and seminars around the globe.

For the past 14 years, I have been researching on the role of technology in innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship.

My industriousness, diligence and insightfulness in research are attested by the number of publications, research grants, academic collaborations and industry partnerships. In summary, in the past 58 months…

  1. I have co-authored 57 peer-reviewed publications, including 42 publications in ABDC/CORE tier-A or tier-A*outlets,
  2. generated over $0.8 million external funds, with additional 0.7 million of funding requests currently under review,
  3. developed an Australian-first industry-sponsored curricula partnership with Fujitsu (Australia) by raising $110,000 per annum at QUT,
  4. received two ARC grants and several state and university grants,
  5. One ARC Discovery grant currently under review, with two ARC Linkage grants currently being prepared for submission in 2018,
  6. inaugurated and to chair the global society of Enterprise Systems researchers as an official SIG under the association for information systems since 2006,
  7. organise a monthly CIO seminar on Digital Business Transformation, where leading Australian executives present, network and collaborate for research (till 2017 in Brisbane and then in Melbourne),
  8. serve as the director of the Master of Business Information Systems course at Monash,
  9. received teaching excellence recognitions at Monash and QUT. Maintained above-average student evaluation ratings for all teaching engagements at Monash and QUT,
  10. introduced the first course on ‘business intelligence and data sciences’ and three other subjects at QUT,
  11. invited as the senior faculty mentor (or chair) for international conferences in 2017 (PACIS) and 2018 (PACIS and ACIS),
  12. serve as the head of research at the Digital Transformation Group (information systems) at the Faculty of IT at Monash University,
  13. served as the information systems school ethics advisor at QUT,
  14. serve as the senior editor for four special issues relating to information systems, business strategy, innovation entrepreneurship and an associate editor of an ABDC tier-A* journal,

I maintain a healthy pipeline of ten (10) conditionally accepted papers or submissions that are currently under review at ABDC A* or A tier.


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