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Summary of key events 

  • Some past workshops through the Digital Enterprise Lab
  • (2020 Aug/Sep/Oct) Early career development workshops (x5)
  • (2020 July) Establishing and enhancing academic networks
  • (2020 May) Business Intelligence in Life Insurance Catchment Area Identification
  • (2020 March/April/May) Research publication development workshop series (x6 workshops)
  • (2020 March) Seminar at Swinburne Business School
  • (2019 April) Visiting Professor – Kelaniya University – Sri Lanka. Engagements in Ag-Tech research.
  • (2019 March) Editor, Journal of Management and Training for Industries
  • (2019 March) Invited Seminar at the Australian Graduate School of Management, UNSW seminar series on “Technology strategies with digital technologies.”
  • (2019 Feb) Our research appears on BBC Future program. Summary available here
  • (2018 Oct-Nov) Multiple seminars for at IIM / P P Savani University in India on various topics of digital transformation [slides available upon request]
  • (2018 Nov) Seminars for academics and HDR students at the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka on “How to publish in Information Systems Conferences and Journals”
  • (2018 Sep) Keynote at the 6th International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism Management, titled “Hospitality and Tourism Management in the Digital Era” [slides available upon request]
  • (2018 Aug) Invited seminar at the UQ Business School Seminar Series on “Digital Hoarding” [slides available upon request]
  • (2018 Jun) Senior Faculty Mentor at the Doctoral Consortium in PACIS 2018, Yokohama, Japan [slides available upon request]
  • (2018 Jun) Presentation at the PACIS 2018, Yokohama, Japan on “Leadership models for Digital Transformation” [slides available upon request]
  • (2018 Jun) Invited as a Associate Editor for the special issue on “Smart Service, Smart Business, Smart Research” at the JAIS (ABDC A*)
  • (2018 May) Invited seminar at the UNSW Graduate Business School Seminar Series on “Digital Transformation Readiness” [slides available upon request]
  • (2018 Apr) Leads a special issue on “Digital Business Transformation in Innovation and Entrepreneurship” with Profs Chee-Wee Tan (CBS) and Dongming Xu (UQ) at Information & Management (ABDC A*)
  • (2018 Jan) Appointed as an Associate Editor of Information & Management (ABDC A* journal)
  • (2018 Jan) Appointed as the Director of MBIS at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
  • (2017 Aug) New appointment at Monash University as the Research Lead 
  • (2015) In QUT’s front page about the new partnership with Fujitsu Australia that introduced a cutting-edge CRM curricula, with campus recruitment.

Fujitsu (Australia) partners with the ESRG at QUT to deliver a cutting edge subject on Customer Relationship Management Systems. The sponsorship will include introduce ten (10) merit-based scholarships for those who enrol in the unit. Further, there will be active participation from senior staff of Fujitsu (Australia) as guest lecturers and providing feedback on curriculum development. This partnership also includes a cash contribution from Fujitsu of $110,000 per annum. See below for the photographs of the official media release from QUT and Fujitsu (Australia). It includes A/Professor Darshana Sedera (who led this initiative from QUT), Sachi Lokuge (ESRG member and teaching staff of CRM), Mike Bull (Fujitsu General Manager – Queensland) and Debbie O’Rourke (Fujitsu Principle). For further details, contact A/Professor Darshana Sedera @


Associate Professor Sedera on Queensland Business Monthly (State of Queensland’s Leading newspaper). The article talks about the implications big data, data science and business intelligence  


Associate Professor on Channel 7 National News

The “Digital Connectedness” research of Maura Atapattu (PhD student at QUT), A/Prof. Darshana Sedera and Prof. T. Ravichandran of Lally School of Management, NY USA appeared on Ch 7 news. The researchers have an accepted forthcoming publication in AJIS (‘A’ ranked journal in ABDC rankings). More details


Associate Professor Sedera on Brisbane Times

Associate Professor Sedera on Communications of the ACM (18th June 2014)